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The new Panasonic 103 inch plasma television is out. The TH-103PZ600U with 1080p functionality may have an envisioned SRP of $69,999.ninety five and is anticipated to generally be obtainable for supply in time for Xmas 2006. It can even provide a three-12 months in-residence restricted guarantee, unparalleled while in the business.

In flat panel shows, plasma has technological positive aspects over other systems, including Liquid crystal display, In terms of generating larger sized dimensions panels. http://query.nytimes.com/search/sitesearch/?action=click&contentCollection&region=TopBar&WT.nav=searchWidget&module=SearchSubmit&pgtype=Homepage#/수원한의원 Even so, you can find many technological challenges in earning plasma panels that happen to be greater than one hundred inches measured diagonally while retaining stable discharge and superior photograph excellent throughout the full area of your panel.

Panasonic has get over these complex hurdles by acquiring a fresh rib and phosphor for these website Tremendous substantial panels. A “rib” divides Each individual gasoline mobile and stops interference amongst adjacent cells to provide clear pictures. The 103-inch 1080p plasma panel, such as 4 50-inch panels in sizing, functions constant and uniform discharge, delivering the identical accurate images from the middle to every corner from the screen and brightness as The present 50-inch HD design (TH-50PX500). The panel incorporates Panasonic’s 1080p High definition superior-speed pixel drive. The exact same significant-speed pixel generate is used in the TH-65PX500 65-inch 1080p Plasma Television set, that has been properly been given in Japan due to the fact its introduction past November, and the 50-inch 1080p Plasma unveiled at CEATEC JAPAN 2005 in October 2005.


The TH-103PZ600U supplies spectacular widescreen progressive Exhibit showcasing comprehensive High definition pixel resolution of one,920 horizontal x one,080 vertical, a contrast ratio of 4,000:one, and 4,096 equivalent actions of gradation. Its effective Exhibit area is much more than 89.three large by above fifty.2 higher. The super-dimensions 103 1080p panel is equivalent in dimension to 4 fifty-inch Panasonic plasma displays.

Until now, the market for a hundred-as well as-inch screens was dominated by entrance projection TVs. Panasonic now realizes an alternative choice Within this sector. Our 103-inch 1080p PDP guarantees premium quality visuals with high brightness, dynamic contrast, significant resolution and superb color copy that projection shows can not match. We think it is going to create strong need as a multipurpose Display screen for enterprise, academic and health care applications along with residence theater use, reported Mr. Nagano, Director, PDP Product Business Device of Panasonic AVC Networks Firm.